Vermont Laser Works, LLC is a Laser Job Shop. In addition to Laser Cutting and Engraving we offer services that include close tolerance machining, material certification, and certification to Mil-Spec requirements. We also provide assistance in design, fabrication, material selection and manufacturing referrals for a broad spectrum of products. Our ability to accept a variety of electronic files, quick quotations, and, business experience provides you with the professionalism and “straight talk” that our regular clients appreciate.

Our Website is currently being reformulated and updated. We enlivening our website reformations on a daily bases starting October 1, 2010. So, if your interest is in gaskets, marking metals, or an unusual plaque, etc….please head to our Product Albums page as this where you can select projects similar to yours and get a general idea of our scope and proven experience.

LASER CUTTING MATERIALS: We are also updating our Laser Materials Guide. We have a great deal of pertinent information to add based upon experience. The guide was first posted in 2002 and is one of the elements that our competitors have complimented us on by incorporating into their web sites. The Guide assists our clients in determining the best method for production of their build to print part or custom design. We will be adding information that will include “best methods” for production. Many projects involve a combination of expert fabrication and manufacturing techniques, as a result, we work closely with other businesses that include these capabilities: conventional machining, milling, routing, water jet cutting, molding, chemical etching, and, many of our manufacturing customers become participant vendors.

LASER ENGRAVING MATERIALS: Some materials can be both laser cut and engraved, others can only be cut or engraved. We generally think of engraving as a raster process where the laser behaves like a dot matrix printer firing and burning the material as the head transverses the material at an instructed DPI or “resolution”. We also engrave, using our cut mode; vector cutting, which enables us to “Etch” with very fine detail. These processes are used both alone and in combination with each other depending upon the material and the desired effect.